Air France A380 Interior Cabin Revealed with Air France A380 Cabin Photos

Air France has revealed the interior cabin of its just received Airbus A380 Super-jumbo.

There is no surprises with the details of its cabin configuration, matching very closely with what I have reported here on The Business Travel Guru in the past, however the release by Air France of these cabin pictures give the full picture of what to expect, if you get the chance to fly this aircraft.

 Air France A380 La Premiere First Class Cabin

The Air France Airbus A380 features 9 First Class La Premiere seats on the lower deck, no suites you say? Yes this is correct, Air France bucked the trend deciding not to follow Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Qantas in implementing suites in First Class La Premiere, maybe this is a sign of the economic times in Europe, but then again this aircraft would have been the planning
stages for years.

The 9 first class seats are set out in a 1-2-1 configuration, this cabin features what looks to be a self service bar, along with a changing cabin/room with beauty products from Clarins.

 Air France A380 La Premiere First Class Cabin

Air France A380 La Premiere First Class Seat

Air France A380 La Premiere First Class Seat in Recline

Air France A380 La Premiere First Class Changing Room Cabin

 Air France A380 Affaires Business Class Cabin

The Air France A380 Affaires or Business Class cabin is located in the forward upper deck of the aircraft, with 80 Seats set out in a 2-2-2 seating configuration; each seat is two meters long. The In-flight entertainment Unit IFE screen is 15 Inch (38 cm) wide.

Noise Cancelling Headphones? Air France is using nothing but the best, Sennheiser Noise Cancelling Headphones

Air France A380 Affaires Business Class Seat

Air France A380 Affaires Business Class Self Service Bar

Air France A380 Affaires Business Class Sennheiser Noise Cancelling Headphones Nothing but the best Noise in Noise Cancellation

Air France Airbus A380 Voyageur Economy Class Cabin

Voyageur Economy Class on the Air France A380 seats at total of 449 passengers on both the lower and upper decks. Seating is configured in a 10 wide 3-4-3 configuration. The In-flight entertainment unit in Voyageur hosts an 8.4 inch LCD screen, along with 600 hours of viewing & 3,000 music tracks.

Air France A380 Voyageur Economy Class Seat

Air France Airbus A380 Economy Class In flight Entertainment Unit IFE

Air France A380 cabin interior cabin Video on Youtube 

From the initial information & pictures which Air France has released about its Airbus A380, the product looks quite good, but is it in the league of its A380 Predecessors? I think the jury is out, will need to wait for a flight review! What are your thoughts?

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  1. http:// says

    I think Air France is no match for the design and luxury offered by Emirates and Singapore Airlines. These 2 are just unbeatable when it comes to the A380

  2. http:// says

    the USB is for dowloading maps & tourist information of where you are going. They have info for you to download. You can buy the 8 gig usb’s on board for like $35 if you do not have one with you.

  3. http:// says

    I personally appreciate the design and very tasteful classic cabins that Air France offers on its A380s. The colors are well chosen (the choice of a sand color for First class and grey/creme for Business are perfect and add to the luxury of the seats). Emirates and Singapore are too ostentatious and too gaudy, especially Emirates (too much gold and flashy colors evrywhere is a “bit much”).

  4. name says

    the seats you feature in the business section are actually premium economy seats the business seats are much more spacious.

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