Japan 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Airport Closures

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan
earlier today we can report that the following airports are now closed:


  • Tokyo’s Narita Airport
  • Tokyo’s Haneda Airport
  • Sendai Airport (Tsunami has totally flooded Sendai airport, airport evacuated) 


The earthquake and subsequent tsunami has put Sendai Airport
underwater and has resulted in a total evacuation of the airport, the below video & pictures
show the Japan’s Sendai Airport completely inundated following the Tsunami.


Japan Earthquake sendai airport Tsunami 

Picture 1:  Japan Earthquake Sendai airport Tsunami Roof


Sendai airport Ruway underwater tsunami flood 

Picture 2: Sendai airport runway underwater tsunami flood


Sendai Airport japan Closed 

Picture 3: Sendai Airport japan Closed


Japan Aiport Closure Sendai 

Picture 4: Japan Airport Closure Sendai


Sendai Airport Tsunami 

Picture 5: Sendai Airport Underwater

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