Emirates A380 Inflight Wi-Fi Internet Plans Revealed

Emirates and
OnAir have announced plans for Emirates to equip its A380 aircraft with the OnAir
In-flight Wi-Fi internet system that will allow passengers to use the internet

The roll out
is expected to start in the beginning of 2011, and will also allow passengers
to make telephone calls and send SMS messages from their standard mobile phone.

The full
media release from Emirates & OnAir can be read below:



inflight connectivity solution to be installed on Emirates’ flagship Airbus
A380 aircraft

Switzerland, 20 July 2010 – Emirates and OnAir today announced an agreement to
install full Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir in-flight passenger communications
services on their Airbus A380 aircraft fleet. All 90 of the flagship,
double-decker aircraft operating on long-haul intercontinental routes will be
equipped with the system

This will
allow passengers to use their mobile phones, smart phones and BlackBerrytm devices
onboard Emirates A380 aircraft to make voice calls, send SMS text messages or
utilise data services wirelessly to their iPodtm, iPhonetm , iPadtm and laptops
equipped with GPRS modems.

The first
OnAir-equipped Emirates Airbus 380 will come into service in June 2012.

will commence installation of the OnAir connectivity features on its A380
aircraft at the beginning of 2011, allowing passengers to access the internet
via WIFI on personal portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and mobile
telephones. Mobile OnAir along with Inmarsat uses the industry’s most advanced
and extensive infrastructure for mobile communications, providing Emirates
passengers global connectivity.

“Emirates inflight entertainment system is a
consistent global award winner and we are constantly looking to enhance the
services we provide to our passengers,”
stated Tim
Clark, President Emirates Airline.
“Our decision to install a
full set of in-flight connectivity services is part of our on-going effort to
provide customers with the real-time access to information that they demand.”

“Emirates have established themselves as
pioneers of in-flight connectivity. We are very proud that after rigorous
evaluation, they have chosen OnAir technology for their flagship aircraft
said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “In choosing SwiftBroadband technology,
Emirates benefit from a powerful platform combining cockpit and cabin
communications – and one that offers further evolution into the future, should
market demand require.”

passengers will be able to stay connected in-flight using their own mobile
phones or smartphones to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text
messages and emails, and access the Internet. Using the Internet OnAir service,
passengers will be able to access the Internet just as they do on the ground by
connecting their laptops via wireless connection.

OnAir has
operated more than 120,000 fully connected flights to date to over 300 cities
operating to 75 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and
has signed agreements with more than 25 customers worldwide.

also serves corporate jets, private VIP and Governmental customers.


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