Sydney International Airport announce free 15 minute Parking Zone

International Airport has announced the introduction of a new 15 minute parking
zone at the Sydney International Terminal Car Park.


The new
zone will allow greater flexibility when picking-up passengers at Sydney’s
International Airport, and will operate in a similar method to the 10 minute
free parking pickup zone that was implemented at Sydney’s Domestic Terminal 2
last year.


The full
media release from the Sydney Airport can be read below:


Sydney International Airport announce free 15 minute Parking Zone 


Airport has announced that a free 0 -15 minutes time band has been introduced
at the International Terminal’s car park.


This is a significant
change as previously vehicles which used the car park for less than 15 minutes
paid the 0 – 30 minute rate of $7.


The CEO of Sydney Airport, Russell
said that
the new free 0 -15 minutes time band would be welcomed by people who were using
the car park to pick-up an arriving passenger.


“This change has been made following
the successful introduction last year of the T2 Domestic Terminal pick-up area.
 The initiative at T2 received a very favourable response so we reviewed
the situation at the International Terminal to see what we could do there to
improve the user experience,”
Mr Balding said.


“The previous arrangements were put
in place when the airport was owned by the Australian Government.  They
did so for sound operational and security reasons: to manage congestion at the
terminal frontage.  


“We looked at the existing situation
and are confident that we can make this change without any impact on the
terminal frontage.  While the free 0 – 15 minutes time band has been
introduced, there is:


  • no change
    to arrangements for dropping passengers off on the Departures Roadway
  • no change
    to the prohibition of pick-ups on the Departures Roadway or the Arrivals Court
  • no change
    to the parking fees for other daily time bands at the International Terminal
  • no change
    to the fees or arrangements that apply at the Domestic Multi Storey Car Park
  • no change
    to other ground transport fees for taxis and shuttle buses


“Along with the recent upgrades to
the International Terminal, this new free 0 -15 minutes time band will improve
the experience for travellers at Sydney Airport.  


“I hope that the NSW Government will
support this action by improving the availability and affordability of public
transport services to and from the airport.


“Only a minority of passengers, about
13%, use the car park.  The majority of people use other transport options
including train, taxis, bus and shuttle bus services, limousine services and
rental cars.  There are lots of transport choices for people to consider.


“Sydney Airport has been a long-term
advocate for improving public transport services to the airport and has been
lobbying the NSW Government to provide additional bus routes and to lower the train
Mr Balding said.  


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  1. http:// says

    Can you please give me the directions to the free 15 minutes parking/pick-up zone at Sydney International Airport so as l can pick up my 1st time visitors to Australia. Thank you.

  2. says

    The 15 minute free area is on the backside of the multi story carpark. Enter the car park via 3 entrances, take a ticket and drive towards the west side (facing the freeway). There is a large yellow sign saying ’15 minute free area’.

    It is a very large open area so you will have no problem getting a space.

    Tip! Don’t take the valet lane into the multi story car park (MSCP)!

    Tell your passengers, after exiting customs, to walk straight through (or the left side of the M.S.C.) till they see the big yellow sign and keep an eye on your time on your parking ticket!

    I co-ordinate my watch with the ticket time as soon as I take the ticket. To exit the car park you don’t need to have it validated, just drive out via the prepaid booth (if below 15 mins).

  3. http:// says

    The 15 minute free parking is the unoffical International pick up area in the absence of any other pick up zone. As most people do not want to be screwed by the greedy airport they will use this as the pick up spot.

    What people want to know is what are the directions from the International terminal to the free 15 minute car parking area ? Once they know the directions they can tell the person who they are picking up and meet them there.

    Anyone know. (eg turn right walk 100 metres, turn left before a landmark, then cross pedestrian crossing….directions like that.)

  4. http:// says

    To Airport Car Park – it’s great that you provided a link but it goes to a 404 error. Can this be resupplied please?

  5. http:// says


    The links in this article were correct at the publishing of this article back in the middle of 2010,

    I have just checked the Sydney International Airport of the most relevant links for the 15 minute pickup/drop off zone, see below

    Sydney Airport Pickup/Drop off page (page for all Domestic T2 & T3 and International T1)

    As for maps I could not find one, however having done the trip many times I can say it is very easy to find and well sign-posted, I have found the 15 minute pickup/drop off zone in Google Maps (its around the green arrow in the map link below),151.163999&hl=en&ll=-33.935282,151.164043&spn=0.003058,0.004764&sll=-33.93049,151.182747&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&num=1&t=h&vpsrc=0&gl=au&z=18&source=gplus-ogsb

    Please note things might be a little different as construction of the new Sydney International Airport Car park is under way

    Hope this helps

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